Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition where the feet hurt after getting up from a resting position. Most of the time, the minor pain resolves after a couple of minutes. But with time, it becomes more severe. It might deprive you of engaging in several daily activities or moving as much as you want to.

In very severe cases, medications and surgery will fix the problem. But using a foot massager can help you avoid going down that route. Here are some benefits of using a foot massager.

  • When you stand, run, or excessively exercise, your plantar fascia will suffer from injuries. These injuries cause the ligaments to form knots that feel painful. Regular massaging applies pressure to these knots and helps them resolve.
  • After straining your ligaments, a foot massager will help stretch the tissue. This will relieve pain and pressure.
  • Our bodies can repair injured tissues. When the ligaments are injured or strained, massaging will drive more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to accelerate the repair process.
  • The pressure points in your feet are directly related to other parts of the body. Massaging can help with the headache and other annoying symptoms that affect the quality of your life.

A foot massager can literally change your life. It’s time you get yours.